Saturday, December 12, 2009

Customer is the KING!

We were appalled at the criminal waste of food last night at an affluent Chinese restaurant - dont understand why do these restaurants keep such HUGE portions in their dishes. 1 plate noodle is fit for not 1 or 2 but 6 ppl! More than half the dish was returned unconsumed, not just from our table but from other tables too. So either it goes to the dustbin, or is likely to be 'recycled' and given to the next customer. No wonder, the noodles were COLD when they got served! An why should we pay 'extra' for the leftover that we are Compelled to pack home? They aren't doing any favours by getting it packed. And I really wonder how many people REALLY eat that packed food next day. So again, it is most likely to go waste. The roadside chienese stalls are much better - they cook in front of you, not in the backside kitchen and quantity and price is sensible, moreover it is HOT and TASTY!

I am not sure if other customers sitting there felt the same agitation, felt cheated, the way we did. Not sure if they had an iota of conscience about the food going waste and realised that they were being made royal fools.

I see a similar pattern in many such big establishments. Do you have a conscience? Alright, you are free to go to a roadside thela and eat there. You have 'Choices', you see! You as a customer should have no opinion, no right and no importance to be taken seriously. And it is so Low Society and so Middle Class to raise your voice against such so called sophisticated and affluent establishments! The collective voice of the Consumer is conspicuous by its absence.

I am confident that the written feedback which we submitted was trashed and the business would go on as usual.

Customer is The King!! Yeah, indeed!

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