Thursday, October 1, 2009


Awestruck were my senses for an instant
Life came to a halt
A Conventional chick, I puckered my nose
And rejected her by default!

The stringless kite, it soared high
Swaying in the sky
A bit cloudy a bit dry
Fully engrossed in the wind
Belying it could fly

Who would have thought
That I would land up next to her abode
My courteous “Hello?”
So formal and oh so cold!

A tress of comfort curled up
My words gradually
Bringing down the “wall”
As she put it playfully
Funny, how we still managed
To not be friends
Weird, how my perception
Slowly changed

‘It’s your childlike happiness…’
She had said searching my face
Exposing a slice of my being
Fingering my inner self

The kite got stuck,
It no more pierced the sky
The kite twirled and danced around the pole
Too joyful that it no more needed to fly!


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